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New bicyclist and pedestrian safety messages, among others, added to Department of Licensing driver guides

We teamed up with DOL officials to update and improve safety messagesBy Barbara LaBoe

We're always looking for new ways to talk about transportation safety, and our latest work with the state Department of Licensing is no exception.

We don't teach or test potential drivers, but as atransportation agency we're certainly invested in improving safety for all travelers. So we were excited to work with DOL on their latest driver guide update to help spread some of our main messages to a whole new generation of travelers. (It also goes without saying that any existing licensed driver wanting to brush up on their knowledge and learn about new laws can explore the new guide as well.)

The new Washington Driver Guide (pdf 2.56 mb) came out earlier this month. Paper copies are available at any state driver licensing office.

Some of the most noticeable updates we worked on are new and more robust sections about the safety of people walking or rolling (ie those who use bicycles or wheel…

The I-405/SR 167 Interchange Direct Connector in Renton is opening to traffic as early as next week

By Victoria Miller

Attention I-405/SR 167 corridor drivers! We are wrapping up work on the I-405/SR 167 Interchange Direct Connector Project and the flyover ramp will be open to traffic as early as the afternoon of Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Yes, you read that correctly! The construction you have seen over the past two years at this busy interchange is nearing its end.

The Direct Connector project broke ground in September 2016 and was originally scheduled to open to traffic in spring 2019. “With the savings from our previous I-405 corridor projects, we were able to advance design engineering and purchase the right of way necessary to start construction as soon as we received funding from the Connecting Washington funding package,” said I-405/SR 167 Program Administrator Kim Henry. “Thanks to drivers’ patience and the project team’s hard work, we are pleased to complete this improvement four months ahead of schedule.”

The 2015 Connecting Washington funding package is a $16 billion multimodal inve…